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Welcome To Family Liaisons.

Supporting families every step of the way with family care in the Los Angeles County area.

Family Liaisons Is Here for You.

As the founder, Robert Shorts, I’ve dedicated myself and my team to helping families and patients make informed choices with confidence. Whether you’re seeking guidance on treatment options, navigating insurance, or simply need someone to listen and offer support, Family Liaisons is here for you. Let us be your trusted partner in your healthcare journey. 

I have personally went through this decision making process with both of my parents passing away to cancer and understand the stress and confusion of not knowing where to turn for answers. Welcome to a brighter, less stressful path forward with Family Liaisons.

Robert Shorts

Doctor & Nurse Consultations.

Family Liaisons provides assistance in Los Angeles County, facilitating Doctor & Nurse Consultations to ensure your family's healthcare needs are met with care.

24/7 Support For Your Loved Ones.

Offering round-the-clock support, Family Liaisons ensures your loved ones receive continuous care and attention, any time of day or night, in Los Angeles County.

Medical Supplies Services.

Family Liaisons supplies a range of medical service supplies, ensuring loved ones have access to the healthcare products needed, at their Los Angeles County doorstep.

Family Liaisons stands ready to support you every step of the way. As your trusted partner in navigating the healthcare landscape of Los Angeles County, we’re committed to easing the burden of care, ensuring that your loved ones receive the personalized service they deserve. With our dedicated team by your side, experience the peace of mind that comes from having a knowledgeable and caring ally in your corner.

Together, we will chart a less stressful path forward, focusing on the well-being of your family members and loved ones. Let Family Liaisons be a guiding light in your healthcare journey, illuminating the way to a future where support and peace of mind are within easy reach for you and those you care about the most. We transform challenges into opportunities for care and connection.

Whatever You Need, We Can Help. Contact Family Liaisons.

We Will Always Take Care Of The Worrying For You.

Family Liaisons takes the burden of worry off your shoulders, managing all aspects of healthcare coordination and support with our comprehensive services in Los Angeles County.

From arranging timely medical consultations to ensuring the delivery of essential medical supplies, we handle the details so you can focus on what truly matters – being there for your loved ones. 

At Family Liaisons, we specialize in offering a tailored approach to healthcare, providing expert Doctor & Nurse Consultations to address each family member’s unique needs.

24/7 support system ensures that your loved ones are never alone, offering peace of mind and immediate assistance at any hour.

Our access to a wide range of medical service supplies ensures that the necessary healthcare products are always within reach, simplifying the care process for families in Los Angeles County.

Choose Help Confidently With Family Liaisons.